Our journey to Avalon begins with sourcing the finest fruit from California’s most renowned regions. We take meticulous care not only in our sourcing, but in every step we take to be as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible throughout the winemaking process.


At Avalon, we strive to be stewards of the land, not only in the vineyards, but with every resource we use. We do this by installing our own solar panels, reclaiming waste water and sourcing the greenest materials that still deliver high quality wine.

Another example is the use of Nomacorc’s Select® Bio, a plant-based cork derived from sugar cane. Learn More


Here at Avalon, we don’t just talk about quality winemaking, we live it.  Sourcing grapes from some of the most coveted vineyards from throughout the state of California is something we pride ourselves on.  Outstanding fruit is the first, and most important, step in the winemaking process.  Without quality grapes, you can’t make quality wine, plain and simple.  Working together as a team and more importantly, as a family from grape to glass, is why we are able to deliver your “Go To Wine”.  Cheers!



Winemaker Joe Tapparo has had a passion for wine ever since he was a young boy, helping his grandfather pruning vines and learning the trade from his family. His childhood experiences led him to his dream of making his own batch one day. After studying viticulture at UC Davis, he did a series of internships, growing his knowledge and yearning to become the winemaker he is today.

Joe was hired on at Purple Wine + Spirits in 2008, excelling from a cellar worker, to assistant winemaker and now the well renowned winemaker he has become. Joe aspires to continue making exceptional wines for his friends, family and anyone else who is fortunate to drink his wines.